Ruby 1.9

I want to install ruby 1.9, but what is the best method of doing this
(on Mac OS X), and will all of my old code from 1.8.7 work in 1.9
(assuming I reinstall all the gems)?

Sorry, I’m on my phone, so it’s hard to search for complete instructions
right now.

I suggest you to take a look at RVM. One can install as many versions of
Ruby as s/he wants alongside each other without conflicts. Gems must be
reinstalled for each version as well. So you can test your code against
several Ruby versions to assure proper functioning.

Best regards,

Douglas D.


Like Douglas, I also recommend rvm. For the sake of convenience, you
install the rvm gem from your system Ruby.

sudo gem install rvm

From then on, you will no longer have to use sudo. Follow the
and to install new Ruby versions, simply run this command:

rvm install version

where ‘version’ is the version you want to install.

More information can be found on the rvm website:


2010/8/1 Douglas D. [email protected]

So, will this work on top of Mac OS X’s preinstalled version of Ruby? Or
will I end up with both (the system’s, and rvm’s)?

Yes rvm will work using the pre-installed version. You will have both.
don’t use the system Ruby and installed a more recent version of Ruby
using rvm.