Ruby 1.9, rdoc error in rails source?

hi, the forum search is disabled so i’ll just ask if Rails known to work
on Ruby 1.9? something changed wrt to ‘send’ and private methods, now
they have to be renamed to ‘funcall’. there were only a couple of these
in rubygems, and after changing them it worked fine, even compiling
fastcgi bindings etc… so i figured i would do the same to rails and now
im getting this (no line number…)

a www # rails wtf
can’t convert Enumerable::Enumerator into Array

the only reason in trying 1.9 (besides gridflow working much better with
it) is beacuse 1.8 stable as well as the most recent 1.8-snapshot in
portage (a few days old) freezes when running rdoc on this file:


it stuck in some kind of endless loop until eventually filling up RAM
and causing the system to trash swap until pressing the reset button.
maybe a syntax error somewhere?