Ruby 1.9, Rails 2.3.2, and MSSQL issue

I am having a strange issue. I have upgraded to ruby 1.9.1 to do some
testing on one of my machines. My app accesses a MSSQL database to
pull in some information. Everything worked fine with ruby 1.8.6, but
now if I try to navigate to a page that accesses that database I get
this error:

DBI::InterfaceError in PagesController#company
Unable to load driver ‘ODBC’ (underlying error: uninitialized constant

I’m using activerecord-sqlserver-adapter (, dbd-odbc
(0.2.4), and dbi (0.4.1)

I would say not all gems are mature for 191! Am I wrong?

You are right. The reason I posted this was because it was working
using script/console, which would have meant the gems were all working
with 1.9.1, but not when navigating to the page on the site. Then I
realized that I was still running irb under ruby 1.8.6. Once I
updated that to 1.9.1 it quit working. So yes it appears to be the
gems are incompatible with 1.9.1.

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