Ruby 1.9 on Windows vs. Linux

I installed Ruby 1.9 on my Ubuntu laptop and started working on the
Depot application in the Agile Web D. with Rails book.

After trying the same thing at work but, on a Windows machine I notice
something strange.

When creating the depot applicaiton on Linux it is ‘rails new depot’
but, windows I have to use ‘rails depot’ That just seems really strange
to me. I installed the 1.9.1p430 installer for Windows from

Why in the world would there be a difference in the commands to set up a
rails application? Am I missing something? Did I install the wrong


UGH! I have Rials 2.3.8 not 3 … :frowning: my fault.

Whats your rails version in windows and linux.

Rails 3 : rails new app
Rails 2: rails app

2010/8/18 Carl J. [email protected]: