[Ruby 1.9 - Bug #4223][Assigned] GC.stress = true で謎の ArgumentError

Issue #4223 has been updated by Hiroshi NAKAMURA.

Status changed from Feedback to Assigned
Assignee changed from Makoto K. to Yui NARUSE
Target version set to 1.9.3

Bug #4223: GC.stress = true で謎の ArgumentError

Author: Makoto K.
Status: Assigned
Priority: Low
Assignee: Yui NARUSE
Target version: 1.9.3
ruby -v: ruby 1.9.3dev (2010-12-29 trunk 30417) [x86_64-freebsd8.2]

手元の環境で、trunk の r29690 以降で、次のようなスクリプトが、


GC.stress = true
t = Time.local(2000)
File.utime(t + 1, t + 2, “foo.rb”)

こんな感じに謎の ArgumentError になります

$ ruby19 -v foo.rb
ruby 1.9.3dev (2010-12-29 trunk 30417) [x86_64-freebsd8.2]
foo.rb:4:in utime': time out of system range (ArgumentError) from foo.rb:4:in