Ruby 1.9.3 spawn output in window

I’m having some problems using spawn on Windows with Ruby 1.9.3. I want
to spawn a long running background process and read the output from it.

If I use :

r_out, w_out = IO.pipe
spawn(‘dir’, [:out,:err] => w_out)

I can get the output from r_out.

However, if I use a test program :

spawn(‘ruby test.rb’, [:out,:err] => w_out)

I get no output in the command window, or from r_out.

If I use :

spawn(‘start ruby test.rb’, [:out,:err] => w_out)

I see output in the command window, but can’t access it using r_out.
Presumably because it’s now running as a child process of a child

test.rb just does :

puts “running test.rb”
while true do

Any ideas ?

none here. Maybe ping core.