Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 is out

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Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 has just been released. This is the second release
candidate of Ruby 1.9.2.
Psych library has been fixed since the previous candidate. And some
minor bugs were fixed.

See the NEWS[*1] and ChangeLog[*2] files for more details.

== About Ruby 1.9.2
Ruby 1.9.2 will be mostly compatible with 1.9.1, except for the
following changes:
* many new methods
* new socket API (IPv6 support)
* new encodings
* a Random class that supports various random number generators
* Time has been reimplemented. There is no longer the year 2038
* some regexp enhancements
* $: no longer includes the current directory
* dl is reimplemented on top of libffi
* new psych library that wraps libyaml. You can use the library
instead of syck

Ruby 1.9.2 has gotten stable as we expected. Due to our schedule, Ruby
1.9.2 will be released in early August. The schedule of Ruby 1.9.2 has
slipped in order to ensure that 1.9.2 passes the RubySpec. It now passes
more than 99% of RubySpecs. Try out the new Ruby and let us know via our
issue tracker[*3] if you have any issues.

== Download