Ruby 1.9.1-p128 is out

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Good afternoon (JST). Ruby 1.9.1-p128 just has been released.

This is a patch level release for Ruby 1.9.1. This fixes many bugs and
two security vulnerabilities. This release contains security fix so I
recommend all 1.9.1 users to upgrade your ruby.

== Location

== Security vulnerabilities

  • DL::Function#call could pass tainted arguments to a C function even if
    $SAFE > 0.
  • DL::dlopen could open a library with tainted library name even if
    $SAFE > 0



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On 5/12/09 4:03 PM, Yugui (Yuki S.) wrote:

Good afternoon (JST). Ruby 1.9.1-p128 just has been released.

Oops. I wrote a wrong patch level.
The patch level of the release is p129. “Ruby 1.9.1-p129 just has been



On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 12:33 PM, Yugui (Yuki S.)
[email protected]wrote:

== Security vulnerabilities

  • DL::Function#call could pass tainted arguments to a C function even if
    $SAFE > 0.
  • DL::dlopen could open a library with tainted library name even if
    $SAFE > 0

Shouldn’t there be at least a link to Changelog?

This release is also mirrored on the RubyForge mirror network:



hemant wrote:

recommend all 1.9.1 users to upgrade your ruby.
SHA256: 27b7a8ace1d17cec237020ae9355230b53f8c3875f8d942de903e7d58d14253b
$SAFE > 0

Shouldn’t there be at least a link to Changelog?

Since p0:

Mon May 11 22:33:46 2009 Yuki S. (Yugui) [email protected]

* ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#call): prevents
  passing tainted arguments to a C function.
  Patch by sheepman <sheepman AT>.

* ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#check_safe_obj):
  new method for checking #call's arguments.

Tue Mar 10 04:53:16 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (MINIRUBY): keep macro into Makefile.

* (RUBY_CHECK_SIZEOF): fix for fallback.

Thu Feb 19 15:47:11 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* template/ extracted from

* (fake.rb): prefixed with $(arch)-.

Sun Apr 26 20:21:39 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* .gitignore: added.

Fri May 1 13:18:01 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* eval_intern.h (_longjmp): never return.  see [ruby-core:23241]

Sun Apr 26 20:33:12 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* tool/transcode-tb (ActionMap#generate_node):
  Use ActionMap#gennode instead of generate_node
  because of initialization.

Sun Apr 26 18:35:32 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* io.c (io_reopen): keeps pathv for prep_stdio.  [ruby-dev:38131]

Sun Apr 26 15:13:09 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#parse_in_order): do not make an
  option from non-option argument.  [ruby-dev:38333]

Sat Apr 25 19:11:13 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (ac_cv_func_daemon): use daemon(3) only on *BSD.

* process.c (proc_daemon): double fork to ensure not having ctty.

Sun Apr 19 14:43:18 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): the order of local variables on stack is
  undefined.  should use outermost VALUE for ruby_init_stack.

Mon Apr 13 11:35:55 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): optimize previous commit.

Mon Apr 13 10:58:54 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): check encoding compatibility only on
  real parts.

Sun Apr 19 13:17:25 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* gem_prelude.rb (Gem::QuickLoader#push_gem_version_on_load_path):
  check for requirement if the gem is installed.  a patch from
  Kyosuke MOROHASHI at [ruby-dev:38020].

Wed Apr 15 20:24:49 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* array.c (rb_ary_flatten): flatten(0) works as Array#dup.

* test/ruby/test_array.rb: add a test for above.

Fri Apr 17 00:45:09 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* dir.c (bracket): fix escape handling for range character in 

of fnmatch pattern. e.g., ‘[a-c]’ should not match ‘b’.

Wed Apr 15 11:53:35 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* dir.c (fnmatch_helper): use rb_enc_precise_mbclen and
  fail if bytes are invalid. [ruby-dev:38307]

Tue Apr 14 18:11:26 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* dir.c (bracket): if same in bytes, path is matching.

Sun Apr 12 19:54:56 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* dir.c (bracket, fnmatch_helper): compare bytewise first, to get
  rid of invalid byte sequence.  [ruby-dev:38303]

Wed Apr 8 21:58:12 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_dump): buffer length plus one byte for null
  terminator.  [ruby-dev:38294]

* test/ruby/test_m17n.rb (test_str_dump): add a test for above.

Wed Apr 8 20:08:16 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_rstrip_bang): should not sign-expand non-ascii.

Wed Apr 8 17:29:29 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_chop_bang): reset coderange. [ruby-core:23155]

Tue Apr 7 13:14:32 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (LIBRUBY_DLDFLAGS): compatibility version is

Sat Apr 4 17:05:15 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* include/ruby/intern.h (RB_NUM_COERCE_FUNCS_NEED_OPID): macro to
  check compatibility.  [ruby-dev:38162]

Fri Apr 3 14:02:42 2009 Akinori MUSHA [email protected]

* lib/irb/completion.rb (IRB::InputCompletor::Operators): Add
  overloadable negative operators.

* lib/irb/ruby-lex.rb (RubyLex#lex_init): Support overloadable
  negative operators.

* lib/irb/ruby-lex.rb (RubyLex#identify_identifier): Minus signs
  need to be escaped in regexp character class.

* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-font-lock-keywords, ruby-parse-partial):
  Support overloadable negative operators.

Wed Apr 1 20:37:49 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* (rb_cv_fork_with_pthread): fail if the child process

Mon Mar 30 19:04:25 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* .gdbinit (rp): show negative fixnum correctly.

Mon Mar 30 12:12:46 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref): replaces the message if
  frozen.  [ruby-dev:38208]

Sun Mar 29 08:59:26 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* lib/pathname.rb (Pathname#relative_path_from): compares path
  components according to system default case-sensitiveness.

Sat Mar 28 11:10:32 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (ruby.imp): all symbols in static library need to be
  exported, so that encoding-extensions can be loaded.  based on a
  patch from Yutaka K. <kinpoco AT> a

Fri Mar 27 01:33:37 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* time.c (time_cmp): negate the result of reverse comparison.

Fri Mar 27 01:19:50 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* bignum.c (rb_cmpint): FIX2INT may fail on LP64 platforms.

Fri Mar 13 21:11:51 2009 Yukihiro M. [email protected]

* ext/sdbm/_sdbm.c: should include "ruby/defines.h" as well for
  prototypes of compatibility functions on Win32 platform.

Thu Mar 26 11:33:13 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* lib/rdoc/ri/paths.rb (RDoc::RI::Paths): considers
  --program-prefix and --program-suffix.  reapplied r19923.

Mon Mar 23 21:41:14 2009 Akinori MUSHA [email protected]

* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_initialize): Make the file variable
  volatile, because FilePathValue() currently does not protect the
  given variable from GC. (Probably it should)

* ext/sdbm/init.c (fsdbm_initialize): Ditto.

Mon Mar 23 06:51:16 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* enc/depend (link_so): replaces $(TARGET) with basename of the
  target.  [ruby-talk:330286]

Wed Mar 18 02:41:33 2009 Masatoshi SEKI [email protected]

* lib/drb/drb.rb (open_server_inaddr_any): fixed multiple network
  families problem. a patch from Charl Matthee at [ruby-core:21033].

Tue Mar 17 21:42:54 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* tool/make-snapshot (package): creates .revision.time and passes
  CHDIR to create prerequisite files.

Tue Mar 17 18:00:55 2009 Akinori MUSHA [email protected]

* enumerator.c (Enumerator#{each_,}{with_index,with_object}): Fix
  a bug where any parameter but the first one is dropped even if
  multiple values are yielded with. [Bug #1198]

Tue Mar 17 14:25:16 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* lib/pathname.rb (Pathname#sub): set $~ in block.binding.

Sun Mar 15 02:09:31 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* proc.c (bmcall): should not uninitialized variable.  a patch from
  pegacorn at [ruby-dev:38169].

Sat Mar 14 18:18:08 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* proc.c (rb_proc_call, rb_node_arity, bmcall, curry): checks

* proc.c (rb_proc_parameters): unnamed_parameters() expects in
  not VALUE.

Fri Mar 13 09:17:12 2009 Yukihiro M. [email protected]

* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils#fu_get_gid): stringify group
  argument before making regexp match.  [ruby-dev:38155]

Fri Mar 13 15:10:43 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/openssl/ossl_x509ext.c (ossl_x509ext_set_value): should use
  OPENSSL_free instead of free.  a patch from Charlie S. a

Fri Mar 13 08:06:48 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* util.c (rv_strdup): macro to duplicate nul-terminated string.

Thu Mar 12 22:14:01 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_def_const): use INT2NUM because
  OP_NETSCAPE_DEMO_CIPHER_CHANGE_BUG doesn't fit into Fixnum.

Thu Mar 12 05:22:50 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* io.c (copy_stream_fallback_body): off_t may be larger than long.

* iseq.c (rb_iseq_disasm): RSTRING_LEN() returns long.

* process.c (rb_f_sleep): time() needs time_t.

Thu Mar 12 05:12:53 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* thread_pthread.c (ruby_init_stack): range of rlim_cur may be
  larger than int.

* missing/vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf): commented out code which has
  no effect at all.

Wed Mar 11 20:13:38 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): RTLD_NEXT is not for symbol
  name.   [ruby-dev:38150]

Wed Mar 11 13:03:12 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): fixed heap corruption.

Tue Mar 10 13:45:54 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* win32/Makefile.sub (LDFLAGS): moved -link to TRY_LINK, LINK_SO
  and so on.  based on a patch by Charlie S. at

* win32/Makefile.sub (config.h): passes LDFLAGS to rbconfig.rb so
  that extconf.rb could refer it.  [ruby-core:22725]

Wed Mar 4 05:19:27 2009 James Edward G. II [email protected]

  • lib/csv.rb: Some minor documentation fixes from Gregory B…

Wed Mar 4 00:54:43 2009 Yuki S. (Yugui) [email protected]

* lib/prime.rb (Prime::prime?): used to return a wrong answer.

* test/test_prime.rb (test_prime?): test case for [ruby-core:22646].

Thu Mar 5 11:27:16 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* win32/Makefile.sub (miniruby.exe): workaround for a failure of
  mt.exe on Windows 7 beta.  [ruby-talk:330284]

Wed Mar 4 21:21:51 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* lib/thread.rb (SizedQueue#push): fix limit condition.

Wed Mar 4 03:42:56 2009 James Edward G. II [email protected]

* lib/csv.rb: A patch from Madoka Yakamamoto to prevent an infinite
  loop while reading some encodings.

Mon Mar 2 21:01:36 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* file.c: include fcntl.h for O_RDONLY on Solaris.

Mon Mar 2 19:43:02 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* lib/uri/common.rb (URI::Parser#escape): escaped string is ascii

* lib/uri/common.rb (URI::Parser#unescape): converts bytewise.
  [ruby-dev:38005], [ruby-dev:38110]

Mon Mar 2 10:50:53 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): get rid of buffer overrun,
  and try ASCII WINAPI versions too.

Mon Mar 2 00:56:45 2009 Masatoshi SEKI [email protected]

* lib/drb/observer.rb: The module oberservable uses now a hash to
  store listeners. merged a patch from Alessandro Di Maria in

Sun Mar 1 19:52:46 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/dl/win32/lib/Win32API.rb (initialize): passes res
  arguments to DL.

Sun Mar 1 19:36:18 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* util.c (ruby_dtoa): allocates one more byte to get rid of buffer
  overrun.  a patch from Charlie S. at [ruby-core:22604].

Sun Mar 1 19:10:59 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (.y.c): removed extra backslash.  [ruby-core:22602]

Sun Mar 1 19:02:03 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/dl/cfunc.c (rb_dlcfunc_call): fix for stdcall and missing
  argument numbers.  [ruby-core:22601]

* ext/dl/dl.h (DLSTACK_PROTO0_): added.

* ext/dl/mkcallback.rb (gencallback, gen_callback_file),
  (rb_dl_init_callbacks): omit stdcall functions unless supported.

* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb (SHGetFolderPath): stdcall.

Sun Mar 1 17:27:14 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (gfDebug): uncommented out.

Sun Mar 1 16:15:31 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* process.c (rb_waitpid): use wait_each() on no waitpid platforms.

Sun Mar 1 16:01:01 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* process.c (proc_daemon): stops and restarts timer thread because
  daemon(3) implies fork(2).  [ruby-dev:38055]

Fri Feb 27 22:02:34 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* util.c: fix SEGV by test_time.rb with
  gcc version 4.4.0 20090219 (Red Hat 4.4.0-0.21) on Fedora 11 


Fri Feb 27 18:30:51 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* compile.c (cdhash_type, iseq_set_sequence): should not call
  methods of the argument of case, to keep the semantics of
  case/when.  [ruby-dev:38079]

Fri Feb 27 18:01:20 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* gc.c (ruby_get_stack_grow_direction): no needs to use thread
  here, and not initialized yet.  [ruby-core:22439]

Fri Feb 27 17:45:25 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* file.c (file_load_ok): checks if regular file, except for the
  platform disallows to open directories, e.g. dosish.
  [ruby-dev:38097], [Bug #1221]

Wed Feb 25 12:27:59 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_force_encoding): should clear coderange at 

encoding. [ruby-core:22437]

Wed Feb 25 12:06:09 2009 [email protected]

* io.c (rb_io_getline_1): enables limit even if rs is given.

Wed Feb 25 02:28:51 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_chomp_bang): coderange may change.

Wed Feb 25 02:17:30 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_delete_bang): should recalculate coderange.

Tue Feb 24 19:01:05 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (main): split from exts and makes main program after
  building exts with miniruby, to get rid of overwriting running
  program.  [ruby-core:22339]

*, win32/Makefile.sub (RUNCMD, MKMAIN_CMD): macros to
  run script file.

* ext/extmk.rb (parse_args): added --command-output option which
  creates script file to make main program.

Tue Feb 24 17:58:07 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* (ripper.c): exec can't work on Windows.

* ext/ripper/depend (.SUFFIXES): nmake doesn't have .y by default.

* (id.h): overwrites unconditinally.

Tue Feb 24 13:13:49 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* missing/vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf): ptrdiff_t may be larger than

Tue Feb 24 10:49:37 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* process.c (rb_waitpid): last argument was missing.

* process.c (waitall_each): fixed typo.  a patch from shinichiro.h
  <shinichiro.hamaji AT> at [ruby-dev:38054].

Tue Feb 24 01:22:19 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: fix for environment where fork is 


Tue Feb 24 01:19:38 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* thread.c (thread_cleanup_func): unlock all locked mutexes even 

forking. [ruby-core:22269]

Mon Feb 23 14:47:04 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* lib/fileutils.rb (mv): added description for the case of
  different partitions.  [ruby-talk:329072]

Sun Feb 22 22:42:20 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* string.c (tr_trans): should recalculate coderange.
  [ruby-core:22326] (reopened at [ruby-core:22328])

Sun Feb 22 14:33:06 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* string.c (tr_trans): should not be affected by the encoding of
  replacement unless actually modified.  [ruby-talk:328967]

Fri Feb 6 12:11:24 2009 NAKAMURA Usaku [email protected]

* ruby.c (process_options): set initial default_external before -r.

Sun Feb 22 10:43:57 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* vm_eval.c (method_missing): should not pop cfp if missing method
  is method_missing.  [ruby-core:22298]

* vm_eval.c (rb_raise_method_missing): new function to directly
  raise NoMethodError.

* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method): fixed the case method_missing
  is missing.

Fri Feb 20 23:28:11 2009 NAKAMURA Usaku [email protected]

* util.c (rv_alloc, freedtoa): use our normal xmalloc()/xfree() 

couldn’t free the returned pointer from ruby_dtoa().

* missing/vsnprintf.c (cvt): receive buffer and use/return it 

of returning the pointer returned from BSD__dtoa().

* missing/vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf): pass buf to cvt() as the 


Thu Feb 19 15:39:50 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspbres_verify): OCSP_basic_verify
  returns positive value on success, not non-zero. 


Wed Feb 18 12:35:31 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* file.c (rb_file_s_extname): fix for spaces before extention.

Wed Feb 18 10:29:12 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* thread.c (thread_start_func_2): do not delete main thread from
  living_threads.  [ruby-core:19385], [ruby-core:22158]

Tue Feb 17 05:41:08 2009 Koichi Sasada [email protected]

* compile.c: fix to add "ensure" codes across "while" clause
  before "return" expression.  [ruby-dev:37967]

* bootstraptest/test_flow.rb: add a test.

Sun Feb 15 11:45:29 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* variable.c (rb_define_hooked_variable): suppress false assertion
  with VC9.  [ruby-core:22115]

Fri Feb 13 15:11:11 2009 Koichi Sasada [email protected]

* vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref): use

instead of vm_get_ruby_level_caller_cfp(). checking a upper frame
is not enough. [ruby-dev:37984]

* proc.c, vm_core.h: declare rb_vm_get_ruby_level_next_cfp()
  on vm_core.h.

Thu Feb 12 22:51:18 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* compile.c (hide_obj): OBJ_FREEZE() is not an expression.  a patch
  from nagachika <nagachika00 AT> at [ruby-dev:37977].

* compile.c (insn_set_sc_state): fixed typoe.

Thu Feb 12 19:42:33 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* compile.c (compile_array_, defined_expr, iseq_compile_each): hide
  and freeze internal literal objects, to prevent from modifying.

* iseq.c (insn_operand_intern): copy internal literal objects.

* insns.def (putstring, duparray): ditto.

* string.c (rb_str_replace): exported.

Thu Feb 12 17:17:51 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_ungetc): calculates new position
  before reallocation.  [Bug#1099]

Mon Feb 9 20:11:55 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (load_conv_function51932): fixed for the
  case IMultiLanguage is not available.  [ruby-dev:37950]

Mon Feb 9 11:31:09 2009 NARUSE, Yui [email protected]

* io.c (io_encoding_set): ignore second argument when external and
  internal are same. [ruby-dev:37939]

Sun Feb 8 23:28:05 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* include/ruby/st.h, st.c: order entries by a linked list instead of
  a loop to fix iteration miss when hash is modified during 


Sun Feb 8 22:44:20 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* include/ruby/backward/rubysig.h (rb_thread_blocking_region_begin),
  (rb_thread_blocking_region_end): marked as deprecated.

* include/ruby/backward/rubysig.h (TRAP_BEG): fix for C++.  a
  patch from Aman G. at [ruby-core:21934]

Sun Feb 8 19:05:24 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* include/ruby/backward/rubysig.h: extern "C" was missing.

Sun Feb 8 18:34:43 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* io.c (rb_io_s_binread): ensures file path.  [ruby-dev:37940]

Fri Feb 6 23:28:33 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* io.c (io_fread): use rb_io_wait_readable for retry
  avoid Errno::EINTR on ruby -e 'trap(:CHLD) {}; spawn("sleep 1");’

Fri Feb 6 20:37:42 2009 Tanaka A. [email protected]

* signal.c (register_sigaltstack): ignore sigaltstack error.
  It fails on OpenBSD 4.4 when pthread library is linked.

Fri Feb 6 12:03:47 2009 NAKAMURA Usaku [email protected]

* ruby.c (process_options): -K and -E in shebang should be reflect 

default_external. [ruby-dev:37920]

Fri Feb 6 02:51:59 2009 Yukihiro M. [email protected]

* string.c (rb_str_each_codepoint): update RDoc for
  String#codepoints.  a patch from Radoslaw Bulat in

Fri Feb 6 01:09:13 2009 Yusuke E. [email protected]

* cont.c (cont_mark, cont_capture, cont_restore_1): use #else 

of #elif. a patch from NISHIMATSU Takeshi <t_nissie at>
in [ruby-list:45856].

Thu Feb 5 07:39:33 2009 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA [email protected]

* ext/readline/readline.c (Init_readline): remove_history(0) may be
  NULL.  [ruby-dev:37891]

Thu Feb 5 03:55:22 2009 Yukihiro M. [email protected]

* time.c (LOCALTIME): should call tzset() before localtime_r().

Wed Feb 4 11:45:06 2009 NAKAMURA Usaku [email protected]

* win32/mkexports.rb: shouldn't export DllMain.
  reported at

Wed Feb 4 10:12:05 2009 Yukihiro M. [email protected]

* missing/vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf): should support 't' format
  modifier to handle PRIdPTRDIFF.  thanks for the info from
  Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA.  [ruby-core:21807]

Tue Feb 3 23:37:08 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* ruby.c (load_file_internal): resets EOF flag after parse.

Tue Feb 3 14:12:10 2009 Shugo M. [email protected]

* lib/net/imap.rb: validate data before sending to a server.

Tue Feb 3 12:09:08 2009 Shugo M. [email protected]

* lib/net/imap.rb (hmac_md5): should use String#ord to get ascii
  code from the one-character string.

Mon Feb 2 17:05:55 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* file.c (rb_find_file_ext): should not be infected from other
  load paths.

Sat Jan 31 19:09:30 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* load.c (rb_require_safe): raises when the path to be loaded is
  tainted.  [ruby-dev:37843]

Mon Feb 2 08:12:50 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* lib/xmlrpc/server.rb (Server#serve): gets rid of hardcoded
  platform names. (win64 support)

* lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::Hosts::DefaultFileName),
  (Resolv::DNS::Config.default_config_hash): tries win32/resolv on
  mswin64 too. (win64 support)

* lib/rubygems/specification.rb (Gem::Specification#ruby_code):
  aded mswin64. (win64 support)

* lib/drb/extservm.rb (DRb::ExtServManager#invoke_service_command):
  spawn is better to start a process in background.

* ext/extmk.rb: uses FNM_SYSCASE. (win64 support)

* instruby.rb: installs win32.h on mswin64 platform. (win64 support)

Mon Feb 2 12:41:52 2009 Shugo M. [email protected]

* complex.c (f_signbit): regard NaN as a positive value.

Mon Feb 2 06:51:36 2009 NAKAMURA Usaku [email protected]

* encoding.c (rb_filesystem_encoding): Windows' filesystem encoding 

sometimes ANSI code page and sometimes OEM code page. we should
whether code page is used.

Sun Feb 1 05:19:43 2009 Nobuyoshi N. [email protected]

* variable.c (rb_const_get_0), vm_insnhelper.c (vm_get_ev_const):
  avoids infinite self recursion autoload.  [ruby-core:21696]

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