Rubocop and docker vscode?

Hello folks, have any one get rubocop to work with docker (rails app) ??
if yes can you please give me the source or guide.
thank you

I think ruby-rubocop for vscode works just fine…

  • You need the rubocop gem first:
gem install rubocop

[ Ugh, I hate space indentations (because a space is hard to see, a tab can be configured and rendered as 2, 4, 8 spaces ; tab is also 1 byte, 4 spaces are 4 bytes). The primary reason why Rubocop warns, and I uninstall it! ]

i have an issue i don’t have ruby or rails installed in my machine

Rubocop doesn’t require you to have rails.

Make sure you run gem install rubocop before getting it from the VSCode marketplace.

But if you want to install rails for doing rails stuff, you can install that with gem install rails command, pretty easy…