Rubinius 0.7 (Ruby VM)

We are very proud to release rubinius 0.7!

It’s very much still a developer preview, but hopefully there are
people out there who will enjoy it.

And so, without further ado…

rubinius 0.7 – alpha developer preview release

IRC: #rubinius on Freenode (Main channel of communication.)


== General

Q: Can it run rails?
A: No.

Q: Can it run rake?
A: No.

Q: Well, what CAN it run?
A: Its own compiler and the specs written for it.

Q: Who is this release for?
A: People interested in looking at the code the project is creating.

Q: Who is this release NOT for?
A: Anyone who wants to use rubinius in a capacity other than

Q: Who is using rubinius now?
A: The developers actually working on making rubinius are the primary
(and probably only) users.

Q: What platforms should rubinius run on?
A: Developers frequently use OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD; x86 and amd64.

Q: Will it run on Windows?
A: Not yet, to come soon.

Q: Can I complain when rubinius crashes trying to run my favorite
A: No, but you can ask the team about it.

Q: Can I complain because rubinius has failing specs?
A: No, we’d prefer you help to make the specs not fail.
A2: We have failing specs checked in so we have goals to work towards.

Q: Can I complain when the CI-Specs fail?
A: Absolutely, let us know ASAP.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Run the specs and help write code in kernel/ to make the specs pass.
A2: If you’re up on your C skills, ask in the IRC channel about
helping work on the VM.
A3: Tell your friends about the project, get the buzz going.
A4: Provide moral support for other developers in any form.

Q: I don’t like the style of the specs/kernel/vm, can I clean it up
and you’ll accept the patch?
A: No.
A2: If it really bothers you, ask us first, we’ll discuss it.

== Installation

Q: How do I build rubinius?
A: ./configure; make

Q: How do I run it?
A: Running ./shotgun/rubinius will launch sirb, our small irb.

Q: How do I install and run it?
A: This is not required but you may: make install; rbx

Q: I’ve changed something in kernel, how do I make the change
A: If the change was in kernel/bootstrap, run rake build:bootstrap
and if it was in kernel/core,rake build:core instead.

Q: How do I run script.rb?
A: Either ./shotgun/rubinius script.rb or, if you have done a
make install, rbx script.rb.

Q: I get an error about glib or missing glib.h, how do I fix that?
A: Right now, you need glib, the utility C library, installed with

Q: Where can I get more installation help?

The rubinius team