Rts/cts on gnuradio

Hello all,

I am trying to implement rts/cts handshake scenario on gnuradio prior to
packet transmission.

I intend to work on gr-mac which was created by john malsbury, i.e by
adding the functions on the simple mac block,in this case, the block
will perform most functions of the IEEE802.11 DCF. I have started
editing the block by adding some lines of codes to the simple mac python
file. So far, i haven’t been able to get it to work, i guess maybe i am
missing something crucial somewhere which i don’t have an idea what it
is as yet. So far, i defined functions to generate the rts/cts packets
and i also created scenarios using if commands on when to send the rts
and cts packets. I am not sure if that is what i should be doing.

Please i need an head start on how to go about this implementation,
maybe there is something i am missing or i’m going about it the wrong

Thank you all and best regards,