RTS and NAV functions (don't consider strict timing issues)

Hi all,
I have two USRPs. I would like to implement some functions (RTS and NAV)
in 802.11 MAC. Actually, I want to use RTS to control one of the nodes
when to send out packets. When the node recieves the RTS, it should set
up its NAV. Hence, the node will not send any packets out during the
NAV. I read the codes in the BBN project and still have no idea how to
implement the functions that I need. Could anyone please give me some
hints or examples to implement the funcations?Â
      Node1                     ---------->                      Node2
(after receives RTS, set up NAV)
      Node1                     <----------                      Node2
(after NAV, send out data)
Should IÂ run both bbn_80211b_tx.py and bbn80211b_rx.py on each USRP? For
example, I have Node1 and Node2. Node1 run bbn_80211b_tx.py to send out
RTS and run bbn80211b_rx.py to receive data that sends from Node2.
Node2 run bbn_80211b_tx.py to send out data and run bbn80211b_rx.py to
receive RTS that sends from Node1 and then set up NAV.
I don’t consider the strict timing issues of MACÂ at this moment. I only
want to implement the functions.
Thank you,

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