Rtfm on load balancing


I’ve been searching around but what i find is sparse, i was looking
for a decent juicy guide (one that doesn’t tell me i should kill -15
then exec a server to reload the config) for load balancing. I’m
trying to help a friend set up his web by suggesting nginx to him. His
config is a little quirky:

He wants a load balancer. As back-end, he has to have 1x IIS and 1-2x
Apache, 'cos some of the apps he deals with only work on IIS, some on
Apache, some on both. He can filter them through the url, so i guess
he’d need a regex for the specific apps and regular load balancing for
the apps that are not server specific.

He’d need to keep tabs on the requests, since there might be multiple
websites, http and https, cookies, sessions, etc… I saw ip_hash?

How powerful should the nginx machine be?

Do you guys recommend a good tutorial or other rtfm links? Any other
suggestions? Tips?

Nuno Magalhães

PS: he can’t control all the apps, otherwise they’d be more
server-independent :wink: