Rssi question


I am working on the USRP2 and gnuradio. And I want to use them to get
rssi (like bluetooth). Through reading the former posts for rssi on GNU
Radio mailing list, using the rssi.v is the solution. But I still have
questions about the rssi.v. I am a fresh man and looking for some helps
through with baby step questions as follows:

  1. I can not find any rssi.v in lastest version gnuradio (version
    instead, the rssi.v file is found in gr-bluetooth project folder (it is
    another project which set up based on the gnuradio and used to deal with
    bluetooth signal). Is it OK to copy the rssi.v file from the Internet
    add it into the gnuradio folder?

  2. The rssi.v file is a Verilog file?? I do not how to use it. Is there
    links to explain this?? (I try… but did not find it)

Thanks a lot.

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folder (it is another project which set up based on the gnuradio and

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Since it’s a Verilog file, I assume that it’s for deriving RSSI values
in the firmware in the FPGA, or perhaps for reading whatever RSSI
registers a given hardware RX module might provide.

But signal strength (RSSI) can b easily computed in software from your
signals–there’s an RMS Power block that can be used.
It produces linear units, but you could then plug that into a log
power block to get dB if you want dB units. There’s no need to
have the hardware do that calculation–it’s very simple and