RSS Parser 0.1.7



I released RSS Parser 0.1.7:

Here are new features:

  • Atom support
  • (official) DublinCore module with RSS 2.0 support
  • New convenience methods to convert feed type: to_xml,
    to_feed, to_rss, to_atom and to_xml.

Here are changes:

  • dc_rightses -> dc_rights_list: Thanks to Mathieu Bouchard!
  • Stop ruby 1.6.x support

= Details

== Atom support

Atom support means the followings:

  • RSS::Parser.parse can parse Atom feed document with
  • RSS::Parser.parse can parse Atom entry document with
  • RSS::Maker.make can make Atom feed document.
  • RSS::Maker.make can make Atom entry document.

To support Atom, I changed the following reading APIs of RSS

  • item.title
  • item.description
  • item.rights

They return a String or nil since 0.1.6. But They always
return an object.

I think this change doesn’t have big impact because most of
users don’t use them. They always use only writer APIs.

== DublinCore module with RSS 2.0 support

RSS Parser parses DublinCore module in RSS 2.0 now
officially. We need to require some files. We can just write
the following:

require ‘rss’
feed = RSS::Parser.parse(…)

== Feed conversion

We can convert RSS 1.0 to RSS 2.0 by the following code:

rss20 = rss10.to_rss(“2.0”)

We can convert RSS 1.0 to Atom feed document by the
following code:

feed = rss10.to_atom(“feed”)

But you may need to set some values required by returned
feed type but not required by converted feed. For example,
/rss/item/title isn’t required value in RSS 2.0 but
/rdf:RDF/item/title is required value in RSS 1.0. In the
situation, we can set default value like the following:

rss10 = rss20.to_rss(“1.0”) do |maker|
maker.items.each do |item|
item.title.content ||= “Default Title”