Rss maker make issue - Please help

I am a RoR newbie.
I have a problem with getting the rss content when using rss:maker.make
(using rails 2.2.2 and Ruby 1.8). I am trying to get the full XML
definition to be written to a file. When I try it locally it works fine
and I get the data in the content object. However, when I try this on a
hosted environment content does not contain any data. Also when I output
the object using object.inspect, the content object look different.

content = RSS::Maker.make(‘2.0’) do |m| = @mychannel.title = = @mychannel.description
m.items.do_sort = true # sort items by date
for myfeed in @myfeeds
puts “new items found”
i = m.items.new_item
i.title = myfeed.title
i.description = myfeed.description = “” = Time.parse(myfeed.created_at.to_s)
puts content.inspect,“w”) do |f|
object inspection
#<RSS::Rss:0xcf730a8 @converter=nil, @rss_version=“2.0”,
@do_validate=true, @version=“1.0”, @encoding=“UTF-8”,
@xml_stylesheets=[], @channel=#<RSS::Rss::Channel:0xcf7306c @title.

#<RSS::Rss:0x2b427c218948 @output_encoding=nil, @standalone=nil,
@version=“1.0”, @feed_version=“2.0”, @do_validate=true, @converter=nil,
@parent=nil, @feed_subtype=nil, @feed_type=“rss”, @xml_stylesheets=[],
@channel=#<RSS::Rss::Channel:0x2b427c2186a0 @dc_language=[], @ttl=nil,
@docs=nil, @dc_rights=[], @dc_description=[], @dc_coverage=[],
@category=[], @itunes_block=nil, @itunes_owner=nil, @generator=nil,

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