Rss feed

hi all,

for my project need to generate rss feed and place in folder what to
do ?

we need to have RSS feed generated and placed inside /feeds folder.
Format of these feeds should be valid RSS feed format. These feed
should contain whatever information is present in the field or
everything in the database table field. Number of entries in the feed
should be limited to most recent five articles.
Please ensure that generated feed is the valid RSS feed.

what thing to use to put rss feed in the folder
i know how to generate rss feed generate by

but to put in the folder what to do i dont know

please help.




Try rails rss feed - Google Search


2010/4/2 Rahul M. [email protected]

its not giving useful result dear …

hii lasse

i have read this article but how to place rss feed to folder…
thanks for reply…

You can do this with routing – in config/routes.rb:

map.rss '/feeds/articles', :controller => 'articles', :action =>

‘index’, :format => ‘rss’


2010/4/2 Rahul M. [email protected]

2010/4/2 Rahul M. [email protected]