RSS Feed for archive with sub categories


I’m trying to use radiant for a site, and the blog section is broken
sub-categories (or children). I’m trying to figure out how to create an
feed that will pull in the posts within these categories. Right now it
shows the high-level categories. Any suggestions?

Thanks all…



If you’re using Radiant 0.6 RC2 or the ‘mental’ branch, you can install
the “aggregation” extension, which will group together all of the child
pages of the pages specified. Here’s an example of what I use for the
homepage on my site; a similar technique could be used to create an RSS
feed (I used it to create an Atom feed).

<r:aggregate urls="/tech; /music; /philosophy">
<r:children:each order=“desc” limit=“6”>

<r:title />

<r:content />

Posted in <r:parent:link /><r:if_content
part=“extended”> | <r:link anchor=“extended”>Continue

<r:date format="%a, %b %d, '%y" />


Each of the pages specified by URL in the <r:aggregate> tag are of the
“Archive” type.




Great - is there a list somewhere of all the currently available



I was hoping somebody put would together something like this. Nice job

…With one exception. You’ve got me down as releasing two extensions.
Unfortunately I have no extensions out there.

I’m just opinionated enough around here that it /appears/ like I am
producing something ;).

I didn’t want to take credit where it isn’t deserved.



The WYSYWIG and Maruku extensions actually are by Nathan W… It is
a nice list though and it will be handy to have it around for when .6
is officially released since the current list on the site will be

Al Steffen


Hi Sean,

I’ve been collecting them as they are announced here on the mailing
list. I thought I’d make a part on my (coming soon) blog for this until
there was somehing “official”.

Here is the list I have so far…

In the Radiant svn (of course)
=> aggregation
=> ldap
=> mailer
=> reorder
=> search

Private Releases

vim extension : a href="
Released by: Raphael B. (on 13 Mar, 2007)

virtual_domain :
Released by: Brian G. (on 27 Feb, 2007)

WYSIWYG Text Editor (based on TinyMCE) :
Released by: Chris Parris (on 4 Feb, 2007

Maruku Text Filter :
Released by: Chris P. (on 24 Feb, 2007)

rss_reader-0.2 :
Released by: BJ Clark / Loren J. (on 23 Jan, 2007)

language_redirect_extension :
Released by: Giovanni I. (on 22 Jan, 2007)

page_attachments :
Released by: Sean C. (on 21 Jan, 2007)

Hope this helps, and happy Saturday!

Sean Johnson schrieb:


Chris, you crack me up! Thanks for the correction, gentlemen. I’ll
make the changes and post a permalink to the list as soon as I have one.

best regards,

Al Steffen schrieb:


Hey, now there’s good idea!

best regards,

Erik van Oosten schrieb:


Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with extensions lately and I’ve got a couple
of questions, if anyone can enlighten me:

Can extensions add actual pages to the site on activation? e.g. As

in, with slugs / URLs and everything, as if they’d been input through
the Admin interface (not as in sub-classing Page etc.).

If not, can extensions add default content (HTML/tags) for a page

type? e.g. if I create a page called “widgets” and set it to my
custom page type of “WidgetListingPage”, can it then be autofilled
with some appropriate HTML/tag content?

Kind regards,


Hi Nancy,

That is a very nice list you have there.
Just for the record, I see someone has put them up at


Nancy C. wrote:

rss_reader-0.2 :

Radiant mailing list
Post: removed_email_address@domain.invalid

Erik van Oosten


I’m still new at radiant but my guess is YES and I think this may work:

In the migration file for your extension add code to create an entry
in the pages table.

Something like:
Page.create(your params here)