Rss_behavior plugin

Hello all.
I’m trying to use the rss_behavior to display my mephisto blog’s rss
feed on my radiant site.
I’ve installed rss_behavior via script/plugin install etc.
i’ve installed ruby-feedparser
I am getting the following error in my page when it’s rendered:
“undefined tag `feed’”

I’m not getting errors in:

The code I’m using in my page is:


I am NOT using a specific behavior.

Anyone have any ideas on troubleshooting?

I am NOT using a specific behavior.

Anyone have any ideas on troubleshooting
Therein lies the problem. You’ll have to assign the RSS behavior to
that page that uses the tag. Does this solve the problem?

Sean C.

Thanks for the help.

If I set the page’s behavior, I get the following error:
undefined method `elements’ for nil:NilClass

Again, nothing in any log.

Thanks again,

Bryan, Sweet catch. Really nice man. Thanks.

I’ve got the rss_behavior working great now.
I did have to hack it a bit, so I’m posting here for posterity.
I’m also going to send this to the author.
If your using a “mephisto” blog for your RSS (I think this is a
mephisto thing, not a feedburner thing, but it could be feedburner
too) you don’t have a tag in your xml feed. You have published
and updated. So you need to add those two tags to the plugin:
tag “feed:published” do |tag|
tag “feed:updated” do |tag|

That hung me up for a while, but I’ve got most everything kosher.

The only problem I"m still having is I need to reformat the date (on
the radiant side) and I’m not sure how to do this.
I need to reformat “Saturday, December 16, 2006” to “Dec. 16”.
Anyone know how to do this (is it possible to do it in radius)?

Hey BJ.

Your feed url was hosed.

Try this instead.


Take care,