rSQLiteGUI 0.1

Hey all, I sort of forgot I had an unfinished project…so here’s a new

Version 0.1 of Ruby SQLite GUI features vast UI improvements in key
shortcuts. There were also a couple minor bugfixes. Keep sending in
comments and/or suggestions.

Despite the version number, this app is quite mature, at least for the
Linux platform. Windows users can help me out a lot by using it on
their machines and reporting any problems.

Ruby SQLite GUI is a simple, cross platform SQLite database
administration tool written in Ruby using the Ruby/GTK2 bindings for
Gtk+ and ActiveRecord as the back-end. It is targeted towards Rails
developers using SQLite instead of the larger mySQL, pgSQL, etc.
databases, but can be used for anything else in general.

A URL would probably be helpful, sorry about that.

Project page: