RSpec's RDoc

Hey all,

I’ve been (finally) investing some time in RSpec’s RDoc. It’s gotten a
lot better, but there is definitely more work to do. If you’re
interested in helping out, please peruse the docs for each lib and file
github issues for any inaccurate, missing or confusing content.

For those unfamiliar w/, it’s broken up into two
main sections: Documenting RubyGems, Stdlib, and GitHub Projects and Documenting RubyGems, Stdlib, and GitHub Projects.
The gems area is for published gems and the github area re-generates the
docs from each push to github. Please review the in-progress docs in the
github area:

In order to avoid confusion/overlap/etc, please don’t worry about making
pull requests for this for now. Just an issue in the appropriate tracker
(i.e. issues with File: README — Documentation for rspec/rspec-core (main) should go
to Issues · rspec/rspec-core · GitHub) would be a big help to
get everything on the radar so I can prioritize and address.

Thanks in advance for your help.