Rspec2 - Absolutely brilliant! (at breaking stuff) - Is there a downgrade path?

Just installed Rspec2 and noticed an immediate improvement in speed:
it broke all 899 passing tests on an important project in a matter of

Sadly, I don’t have the time to work my way through the multitude
upgrade errors (it’s not just one error repeated), so I tried to
remove rspec2 and the new rspec-rails and downgrade to the previous

It didn’t work, and I’m still getting the following message when I

REMOVAL NOTICE: you are using behaviour that has been
removed from rspec-2.

  • The ‘autospec’ command is no longer supported.
  • Please use ‘autotest’ insted.

This message will be removed from a future version of rspec.

Running autotest rather than autospec gives the following:

Autotest style autotest/rails_rspec2 doesn’t seem to exist. Aborting.

I’m proud to be a good little BDD developer: I just don’t need an
upgrade to give me headaches right now, so…

Does anyone have any idea how to get back to a previous Rspec version
so I can work properly again?

(Not saying Rspec2 isn’t fantastic. I’m sure it is. I’ll try to make
it work again over the Xmas break, when I have lots of hours free)

maybe just being stupid here but surely your using git or some sort of

stash your progress with rspec 2 in another branch then reset your
current branch…
$ git reset --hard

You can uninstall RSpec2 by:

gem uninstall -v ‘>= 2.0.0’ rspec

So RSpec-1 will be automatically activated.

If you did ‘gem cleanup’, you can re-install RSpec-1 by:

gem install -v ‘< 2.0.0’ rspec

Antoher way, you can specify which version of RSpec to be used in your
(If you don’t use ‘spec’ command to launch test)

gem “rspec”


gem “rspec”, “< 2.0.0”

Best Regards.

Kaoru Kobo

When you’re ready to try RSpec2 again, checkout this cheat sheet of
from RSpec1.
We’re adding to the list as people discover more…

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