Rspec testing in rails3


I have a Queues controller and and QueueItems controller in my rails
application. In routes I have defined as below
match 'queues/:queue_id/next', :to=> 'queueitems#next'
In my QueueItems Controller I have a next action and it assigns an
instance variable.

def next
@queue = "Regular"
#other stuffs related to regular

How do I test this in Rspec. I am pretty very new to Rspec. Please help.
I tried like the below
describe QueuesController do
describe "next " do
it “routes /queues/:queue_id/next” do
{ :get => “/queues/regular_queue/next” }.should route_to(
:controller => “queue_items”,
:action => “next”,
:queue_id => “regular_queue”,
:format => “json”
assigns(:queue).should_not be_nil
expect(response).to be_success

But it is not at all coming inside my next action in controller.

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