RSpec Story - SystemStackError: stack level too deep

I have a story that executes the following (as an example to show the
bug I’m experiencing):

Given “I have a fake post saved” do
@postCount = Post.find(:all).length
@post =
@post.employee_id = 123 = “Name of the Post”
@post.description = “Description of the Post”

Given “I have visited some page” do

When “I get some other page” do
get(’/posts/'[email protected])

Then “my variable should still be set” do
Post.find(:all).length.should == 1 + @postCount

It fails with “SystemStackError: stack level too deep” on the “When I
get some other page” bit. If I remove the [email protected] bit, OR if I switch
the order execution of the Given statements, the story works. What’s
going on? Is this a bug, or am I just missing something?

Additionally, I’ve tried updating to RSpec Edge by running
“script/plugin install git://”, but I keep
receiving Plugin not found: [“git://”].