Rspec + Shoulda + FactoryGirl = undefined method `reflect_on_association'

I have Rspec + Shoulda + FactoryGirl and I am receiving the following
error when attempting to call Shoulda’s have_many or belong_to
methods. All Shoulda methods used in the “validations” group work

>   NoMethodError in 'A Project
> associations should When you call a
> matcher in an example without a
> String, like this:
>   specify { object.should matcher }
>   or this:
>   it { should matcher }
>   RSpec expects the matcher to have a
> #description method. You should either   add a String to the

example this
> matcher is being used in, or give it a
> description method. Then you won’t
> have to suffer this lengthy warning
> again. ’ undefined method
> reflect_on_association' for > #<Project:0x34d8624> /vendor/plugins/active_matchers/lib/ matchers/association_matcher.rb:37:in >confirm_association’
> /vendor/plugins/active_matchers/lib/matchers/
> each' > /vendor/plugins/active_matchers/lib/matchers/ association_matcher.rb:36:in >confirm_association’
> /vendor/plugins/active_matchers/lib/matchers/
> `matches?’
> ./spec/models/project_spec.rb:7:

Thanks in advance


require 'shoulda'


require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../spec_helper'

describe "A Project" do
  describe "associations" do

    subject { Factory(:project) }

    it { should have_many(:tasks) }
    it { should belong_to(:project_status) }

  describe "validations" do
    subject { Factory(:project) }

    it { should validate_presence_of(:name) }

    it { should validate_uniqueness_of(:name).case_insensitive }

    it { should allow_mass_assignment_of(:name) }

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 2:23 AM, Dave [email protected] wrote:

specify { object.should matcher }
have to suffer this lengthy warning
again. ’ undefined method
`reflect_on_association’ for
#Project:0x34d8624 /vendor/plugins/active_matchers/lib/

What’s active_matchers? I don’t think that’s part of rspec, shoulda,
or factory_girl.

Thank you so much. I have been staring at this for way too long and
missed the obvious. I had a redundant active_matchers plugin that was
conflicting with shoulda.


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