RSpec, RESTful nested routes and :path_prefix

I think I did not express myself clear enough. The problem is that in
my spec I can not get the ‘post’ and ‘get’ methods to correctly
contact(by lack of a better word) the corresponding actions. I
believe this has to do with the fact that I use a :path_prefix.
So I would like this:

it “GET ‘index’ should be successful” do
get ‘index’, :project_id => 1
response.should be_success

To become something like:

it “GET ‘index’ should be successful” do
get ‘index’, :project_id => , :path_prefix => ‘/wiki’
response.should be_success
But that obviously does not work.
More importantly I do not believe I should be repeating myself with
these path_prefixes. I suspect that RSpec is ignoring
the :path_prefix in my routes.rb file.

With kind regards,