Rspec rake task + bundler: feedback requested

Hey folks,

RSpec’s assumption that the existence of a Gemfile means you want to use
Bundler to configure runtime environment is flawed. We added a
skip_bundler option to the rake task, but that was a temporary hack to
get us through a release without breaking existing suites.

This still presents a problem for anyone who doesn’t have Bundler
installed, and is contributing to an open source project that does use
Bundler for installing gems as a convenience, but doesn’t need it for
the runtime environment. I’m sure there are other cases.

If this topic interests you, please take a look at
Presence of gemfile does not necessarily imply that bundler is being used · Issue #454 · rspec/rspec-core · GitHub and my proposed fix at
Deprecate skip_bundler and gemfile options on rake task. Check for · rspec/rspec-core@f90b9f5 · GitHub.
I think this is a good solution to the problem, but I want to get some
feedback before merging this to master.

Please comment in the issue and/or the commit on
rather than here. I’d like to keep the conversation in one place.