[rspec-rails] Is it bad form to use spec/requests/*_spec.rb for integration tests?

So I wanted to cook up a quick integration test for something, and I’m
using rspec. I personally just don’t like Cucumber - just a personal
preference, not a slam to the test framework at all - and wanted to
stick to just pure rspec. So I dumped a quick spec file in spec/
reqests and ran it, and of course everything works.

But is this considered bad form, or a less-than-good practice? I’ve
never written a “request spec” before, so I’m probably mis-using it,
but I’d sure like to hear of better ways to do an integration test
under rspec where I can just run something like ‘rake
spec:integration’ (which doesn’t exist by default). This was the best
I could do in a pinch, but wouldn’t mind hearing some feedback on a
better way to do it in the future - WITHOUT cucumber, selenium,
webrat, capbybara, etc. etc. :wink:


lot of people prefer RSpec for integration testing too. You only have to
deal one test framework RSpec for all your testing.

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