Rspec-rails - expected helper_method behaviour in view specs


Say I had the following app controller :
class ApplicationController<ActionController::Base
def logged_in?
helper_method :logged_in?

Under a rspec-rails1 view-spec, a view template would be able to call
logged_in?. It seems this behaviour has gone away in rspec-rails2.
Was this behaviour intentional? What’s the recommended alternative -
mixing in a helper to stub out all these methods with
config.include(HelperMethodsStubber, :type=>:view) ?

In addition, rspec-rails1 used to mix all helpers into the view
template, right? rspec-rails2 mixes in only the ApplicationHelper
and the helper for the current spec, but this seems a strange choice
when Rails includes all helpers by default.

Any thoughts?


Not sure why helper_method doesn’t work, but just helper definetely
works for us
(supports various ways to specify desired helper).

+1 on question about Rails including all helpers vs. RSpec doing it
the Rails 2 way

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 3:18 AM, Jonathan del Strother