Rspec-rails 1.3.2 tests get loaded, but not executed


Can anyone please help me with the following issue

I am running rspec-rails 1.3.2 with rails 2.3.9 on ruby 1.8.7
Unfortunately my tests don’t execute at all after i updated these gems
although i followed the update insturctions. After some debugging i
found that the describes and examples get created, but they never get
registered with ExampleGroupFactory.add_example_group and therefore
not executed when is called

This seems to be a rspec-rails issue only as i could execute the tests
for rspec 1.3.0

the gems i use:
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
rails (2.3.9)
rake (0.8.7)
rspec (1.3.0)
rspec-rails (1.3.2)
ruby-debug-base (0.10.3)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.7)
test-unit (2.1.1, 1.2.3)

Thank You,