Rspec output and unicode

Hey there,

Rspec output (1.1.3) doesn’t seem to be handling unicode characters
correctly. I’m expecting to see Japanese katakana (on winXP) and I’m
getting numbers instead - the byte representation of the katakana or

Should it be producing unicode if I have my environment set right?




My environment, OS X Tiger, handles utf-8 katakana corrrectly w/ RSpec
Try following step If your’re using DOS prompt:

  1. Change Font to ‘MS Gothic’ on DOS prompt.
  2. run command: “chcp 65001”
  3. that’s it.
    see also)

konichiwa Shintaro,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve just tried it (on win xp English
edition) and sadly it didn’t work. I guess it’s not too important -
just a
nice to have…


On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 1:19 AM, KAKUTANI Shintaro <

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