Rspec + Oracle

Hi all.
Does anybody use Rspec with Oracle? I have RoR app + Oracle DB. I use
Rspec 0.9.4.
I have installed Rspec plugin and generated spec for model Country.
If I use “@countries =” in my spec I get
“ArgumentError in ‘Country should be valid’
block not supplied
12:in `describe’”

@countries = Country.find(:first)” works but “@countries =” doesn’t work.

I have found some modifications for Rspec 0.9.2 in files
but those modifications have not helped me.

This is my spec:
require File.dirname(FILE) + ‘/…/spec_helper’
describe Country do
before(:each) do
@countries =

@countries = Country.find(:first)


it “should be valid” do
@countries.should be_valid
Does anybody know how I can use method “new” of model in my Rspec’s
files with Oracle?

I make work rspec with oracle.
I have a spec what contains Model.find(1) cause (record with id=1
exists in the table).
Model.find(:first) works well

Spec uses method “instance_eval” where name of ruby file and row
number are passed as parameter.
When script invokes “describe” method of OCI8 Class
(oracle_adapter.rb) it is failed with error message “block not
When I added an alias: “alias_method :my_describe,:describe” and
called ‘my_describe’ instead of ‘describe’ spec did work well.
Whose is this bug - ruby,spec, or oracle_adapter I have not known
yet :).

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