Rspec is swallowing undefined methods in it's method_missing and looping forever

Has anyone else encountered this?

It will end up printing this :

  1. Applications Scribd api requests should always be private
    Failure/Error: Unable to find matching line from backtrace
    stack level too deep



We noticed this.

Curtis S. & Anita Kuno

On Feb 21, 11:45am, Curtis j Schofield [email protected]

rspec-users mailing list
[email protected]://

A similar issue has been reported[1]. It’s a weird bug with ruby
1.9[2]. When you include RSpec::Matchers in an example group, it
makes super recurse infinitely.

The solution, for now, is to not include RSpec::Matchers in an example
group. You shouldn’t need to, anyway; RSpec takes care of including
it for you. I’m working on a fix to work around the bug in 1.9.


[1] Issues · rspec/rspec-expectations · GitHub
[2] Demonstration of a weird bug in Ruby 1.9. · GitHub