Rspec --drb --port

Hey, I’m having a bit of a Works For Me™ problem with my patch to

The idea of the patch is to allow specifying a non-default port for the
–drb option to connect to. I got the matching patches into Cucumber
Spork already, and I would like to get this out in RSpec as well. It
For Me, but David had some trouble with it.

Patches are in the drb_port branch of my github fork: git://

Usage is:
$ start up spork: spork --port 12345
$ run rspec with both the port and drb flags: rspec --drb --port
OR the --port argument can be bypassed using an environment variable
$ export RSPEC_DRB=12345
$ spork
$ rspec --drb

This should work with the current version of Spork.

Could somebody merge and test my patch, tell me if there’s something I’m
missing? Thanks

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