Rspec/cucumber and testing -- advice please

I plan on learning about testing. I have never done that type of
programming. I am interested in what resources we have online for it.
Is there a applicable “getting started” tutorial online.

Also I see there are a whole bunch of books on the subject. Which ones
are worth owning?

Thanks in advance.


…you might try looking at Ruby on Rails and see how it handles
…if you can find something on ‘Test Points’, don’t know the
was the best thing that i ever saw on testing…only about 30 pages…
…check out Junit and RBT too…
…the classic testing tools are Mercury and Segue…haven’t looked at
for a long time…

…the best advive i ever got was: some folks are great at testing, find
them and learn their techniques…

Good luck

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Get the RSpec book. They walk through making a command line app at the
beginning, and it’s really helpful. I’ve read / seen lots of material
testing, but its one of those things you have to experience to
how to do it. Not saying I have it all figured out, just saying I’ve put
lot of effort into understanding it, and the RSpec book has had the best
payoff so far.

Just ordered RSpec book. Thanks for the push.

I was at my local ruby user group and it was shown to me a bit from a
peer. I’ve never done that type of programming so it looks very alien
to me =)

Kind of a storyboarded todo list script.

It’s time for me to ramp up that learning curve =)

Thanks again for the replies.


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