RSPEC book example in Chapter 3

I’m going through the rspec book in beta form right now and hit a snag
in chapter three.
I am developing an application in parallel to the book example instead
of writing the book example word for word. To the best of my knowledge,
I have duplicated a parallel example of the book example, changing what
needed to be changed to fit my example. Currently, I have a failing
spec when the book says my spec shouldn’t be failing.
that is the failing spec

here are my system specifications:
OS: Ubuntu 8.10_AMD64
ruby -v ruby 1.8.8p1 (2009-04-09 revision 23162) [x86_64-linux]
rspec -v rspec 1.2.4
Here is the actual code that fails the spec.
any ideas?
I think I’m missing a require somewhere, that’s what my gut is telling

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