Rspec-2 update

Hey all,

rspec-2 is moving along nicely and we’re at the point now where we’d
love to see more people starting to use it, provide feedback, and
hopefully start contributing as well.

You can find the rspec-2 repositories under the rspec user on github:
RSpec · GitHub.

There are currently 6 repos:

Here’s a brief explanation of each:

rspec is just a meta-gem, that depends on rspec-core,
rspec-expectations, rspec-mocks. For users, you only need to “gem
install rspec” (with --pre for now) and the rest is taken care of for

rspec-core provides rspec’s new runner, which comes from Chad
Humphries’ Micronaut, the describe and it methods (and their aliases),
and the rspec command (which replaces the spec command).

rspec-expectations provides “should” and “should_not” and matchers.

rspec-mocks provides test double behaviour (stubbing and mocking)

rspec-rails provides specialized example groups and matchers for rails-3

rspec-dev is for people like me who work on all of these libraries.
You don’t really need rspec-dev if you want to patch any one library,
but it’s useful if you plan to contribute to more than one.

Each has a wiki and most have issues configured. Please feel free to
start updating the wikis, entering issues, forking the repos and
submitting pull requests.

Our near term goal is to identify and document rspec-1 features that
are missing from rspec-2. We’ll want to get most of them working like
rspec-1, but there will likely be some that we decide to stop
supporting. In the latter case, we want to be sure that they are well
documented so users don’t get too surprised when they upgrade.

There are cucumber features in the rspec-core, rspec-expectations, and
rspec-mocks libraries. Please have a look at those as well. By the
time we release 2.0 final, I’d like to be able to point to them as the
definitive resource as to how to use rspec’s features. As we identify
missing features that we want to support in rspec 2.0, I want to be
sure to add cukes for them.

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to your
feedback and contributions!


On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 9:29 PM, David C. [email protected]

RSpec · GitHub

I think those should be:

Rick DeNatale


On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 7:32 AM, Rick DeNatale [email protected]

There are currently 6 repos:

GitHub - rspec/rspec-metagem: RSpec meta-gem that depends on the other components
GitHub - rspec/rspec-core: RSpec runner and formatters
GitHub - rspec/rspec-dev: RSpec development environment
GitHub - rspec/rspec-expectations: Provides a readable API to express expected outcomes of a code example
GitHub - rspec/rspec-mocks: RSpec's 'test double' framework, with support for stubbing and mocking
GitHub - rspec/rspec-rails: RSpec for Rails 5+

Yes, indeed. Thank you, Rick :slight_smile: