Rspec-2.8.0.rc1 is released

See the blog post for more information, but highlights include:

  1. tag overrides

Now you can set tag/filter defaults in .rspec:

–tag ~javascript

or in RSpec.configure (in spec_helper.rb):

RSpec.configure {|c| c.filter_run_excluding :javascript}

and then override that from the command line when you want to run the
javascript specs:

rspec --tag javascript

  1. –order rand

Courtesy of Justin Ko, this addition allows you to run examples in
random order. To make that your default, we recommend putting this in

–order rand

Then you can override it from the command line like this:

rspec --order default

Or you specify a seed in two ways:

rspec --order rand:1234
rspec --seed 1234

  1. speed improvements in rspec-expectations

YMMV, but all of the built-in matchers have been reimplemented as
classes (they were previously generated using the DSL, which interprets
a lot of code at invocation time).

There’s more info at
Please give it a read, give rspec-2.8.0.rc1 a try, and report any issues