RSpec-1.1.7 is released


The RSpec Development is happy to announce the release of rspec-1.1.7
and rspec-rails-1.1.7

This is recommended for anyone who upgraded to 1.1.5 earlier this week
as it addresses bugs that were introduced by that release:

== rspec and rspec-rails 1.1.7

  • fixed dependency problem introduced in rspec-rails-1.1.6 earlier
    this evening :frowning:

== rspec-1.1.6

  • 2 bug fixes

    • fixed bug where negative message expectations following stubs
      resulted in false (negative) positives. Fixes #548.
    • fixed bug where Not Yet Implemented examples report incorrect
      caller. Fixes #547.
  • 1 minor enhancement

    • removed deprecated mock argument constraint symbols

== rspec-rails-1.1.6

  • 1 bug fix

    • fixed regression where values assigned to the assigns hash were not
      accessible from the example. Fixes #549.

== More Information



Now if only we could get some ruby 1.9 compatibility patches in there…
(nested “describes” anyone?)