RSpec 1.0

The RSpec Development Team is extraordinarily pleased to announce the
release of RSpec-1.0.0.

== RSpec

RSpec provides a Domain Specific Language for describing and verifying
the behaviour of Ruby code with executable examples.

Some people like to call these examples “tests”. In fact, they are.
But we believe that tests have equally important value as
documentation and as a design aid, and that the testing nomenclature
and syntax in most unit testing frameworks keep too much focus on only
the testing value, and hide the design and documentation value.

This belief was a prime motivator for the emergence of Behaviour
Driven Development, and RSpec is the original BDD tool in Ruby.

== 1.0.0

This release represents a stake in the ground for the current API.
While RSpec will certainly continue to grow as more people use it and
provide valuable feedback, we are committed to the supporting the
current API.

Does this mean that we’ll never break backwards compatibility again?
We hope that it does. Of course, we can not predict all of the great
ideas will come along. If we find ourselves in a situation in which
such a change requires breaking backwards compatibility, we will only
do so in a major release (i.e. 2.0.0), and will continue to support
the previous major release for a reasonable amount of time.

== Thanks

We’d like to thank the 300+ members of the rspec-users and rspec-devel
mailing lists who provide us with consistently invaluable feedback.

We’d also like to thank the 40 contributors who have helped to fix
nearly 200 bugs and 150 feature requests since Steve Baker registered
RSpec in July of 2005. See

== Numbers and facts

  • 16000 Downloads (ranked 31 on Rubyforge)
  • 40 contributors (bugfixes and patches)
  • 2000 svn commits
  • 890,000 Google hits for rspec+ruby
  • 100% coverage
  • 100% Self-describing

== The RSpec Development Team is

David C.
HellesøyBrian T.
Dave A.
Steve Baker (the original author)

David C. wrote:

The RSpec Development Team is extraordinarily pleased to announce the
release of RSpec-1.0.0.

Happy days!