Rs 20,000 INR at stake in CodeWarrior

CodeFest & IEEE
to you CodeWarrior -
Either Win or Die Coding! It is a completely Online event with two
cumulative rounds, testing all aspects of your computer knowledge, be it
programming, logical reasoning, debugging or algorithm design.

There are prizes worth 20,000 INR & *Codechef

  • for the winners.

Problem Statements for First Round will be released on Feb 5, 1800 Hrs
. Here is the problem break-up:

  • 2 Puzzles
  • 2 Algorithm Designing Problems
  • 2 C/C++ Debugging Problems
  • 1 Algorithm Intensive Programming Challenge

Sample Problems are also
available. Sumission Deadline : Feb 14, 2100 Hrs (IST).

It is a team event with maximum of 2 members. So form your
team and get ready for
some baffling puzzles, buggy codes & bewildering

For further questions email us at [email protected] or contact the

Shishir Mittal: +91-9936-180-121 [email protected]

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Be free and Happy Coding!

Team Codefest.