Rroonga 4.0.5 - fulltext search engine bindings


Rroonga 4.0.5 has been released!

Web site: Fulltext search by Ruby with Groonga - Ranguba

Rroonga is the Ruby bindings for Groonga that is a fast
flexible fulltext search engine and column store.

About Groonga: http://groonga.org/

== About Rroonga

Rroonga is a library to use Groonga with Ruby-ish API. It is
easy to add fast fulltext search feature to your Ruby
application easily. You don’t need to install any server
process because Rroonga is a library.

== Changes

In this release, there are some big improvements like the following:

  • Added :id => true option to Groonga::Table::KeySupport#
    Groonga::Table::KeySupport#delete accepts both ID and key. If
    passed value is integer, it was handled as ID. But we can use Int32
    as key. In the case, we couldn’t delete a record by key. Therefore,
    we added Groonga::Table::KeySupport#delete(id, :id => true) API.
    It introduces a backward incompatibility.
  • Added Groonga::DoubleArrayTrie#update.
  • Added Groonga::Record#rename (Only DoubleArrayTrie supports).

Here are changes since 4.0.4:

File: news — rroonga - Ranguba

== Install

You can install Rroonga by just “gem install”.
(If you don’t have Groonga, Rroonga installs it

gem install rroonga

== Tutorial

We recommend that you play tutorial after you install Rroonga.
It helps you to understand how to use Rroonga.

Tutorial: File: tutorial — rroonga - Ranguba