Rroonga 2.1.3


We released rroonga 2.1.3.

Fulltext search by Ruby with Groonga - Ranguba

rroonga is the library which ruby-binding for grronga.

Since ver.2.1.2 was released, We added the backword incompatible
change to rroogna.

We removed Groonga::View because this feature was removed in groonga
2.1.2 (the latest release). By this change, rroonga 2.1.3 can be
built and used with groonga 2.1.2.
We also re-added Groonga::Logger and implemented
Groonga::Context#restore to restore commands dumped “grndump” in
groonga package.

How to install:

% sudo gem install rroonga

There is the tutorial of rroonga with irb:

File: tutorial — rroonga - Ranguba

There is the reference of rroonga (almost Japanese).

File: README — rroonga - Ranguba

Please see below changes since ver.2.1.2.

File: news — rroonga - Ranguba

2.1.3: 2013-01-29


  • Removed Groonga::View removed in groonga 2.1.2.

  • [doc] Added tutorial in English.
    ** for English:File: tutorial — rroonga - Ranguba
    ** for Japanese:File: tutorial — rroonga - ラングバ

  • [context] Added Context#restore. This method restores command dumped
    by “grndump” command. Please see example below:

    dumped_commands = File.read(“dump.grn”)


  • Added missing Groonga::Logger.

  • [dumper] Reduced needless new lines in dumped commands.

  • For installing groonga with this gem:
    ** Fix the needless install of documents.
    ** Fix the needless build of static library.

  • For ranguba project:
    ** [template] Removed needless block for sponsor by rubyforge.
    ** [template] Removed needless piwik tag.
    ** [template] Fixed URLs of references in Japanese.

(yoshihara at clear-code.com)