Routing via regexp with map.resources?

I have a requirement to support a query syntax on my resources like


I can hook that up so that the people controller receives that action
via map.connect like so:

map.connect ‘:people_query_regexp’,
:controller => ‘people’,
:index => ‘index’,
:requirements => { :people_query_regexp => /people.*/ }

But people is a RESTful resource, so I want to do the same thing using
map.resources instead of map.connect. If I change the routing to:

map.resources ‘:parties_query_regexp’,
:controller => ‘parties’,
:requirements => { :parties_query_regexp => /
parties.*/ }

…then the server fails on startup like so:

route_set.rb:141:in define_hash_access': (eval):3:in define_hash_access’: compile error
(SyntaxError) (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘\n’
or ‘;’
def hash_for_:people_query_regexp_index_pat…

It chokes on a syntax error because there’s a colon in the middle of
the method name it’s trying to define.

So is there a way around this? What am I doing wrong? This is Rails
2.2.2, btw.