Routing Subdirectory


first of all: I’m a noob. I use RoR 2.0.

Now the question :wink:

Let’s say I want to create a frontend and a backend for my website. My
URL could be:

Frontend should be available here: or maybe … etc.

Backend should be available in the subdirectory /admin

Like that: or maybe

How to I have to setup something like that ? When I generate the
models/views/controllers do I have to add that admin-subdirectory ?

Like: “ruby script/generate scaffold admin/news title:string
blah:string” ? I actually tried that basically messed it up haha.

Or is that just a routing ( config/routes.rb ) issue ?

You notice I’m still messing around with those basic things. Could
really need some kind of basic RoR project management guide :wink:

Anyways I’m sure you guys can help. Thanks for your time!


Hi there. I have the same issue here and just wanted to know if you
were able to figure out the solution. If yes, kindly let me know how
you were able to get it to work. Did you use different routes???


On Feb 27, 9:08 am, Martin Sz [email protected]