Routing problems (works with mongrel / webrick, but fails in

for some reason all of the apps in my server are not working when i
upgraded my version of rails. booting up a ruby server on the same
machine works fine, but when using fcgi/apache, only my root level
routes are working.

as a temporary fix, i was able to add a custom route for every
controller i have like this…

map.connect ‘mycontroller/:action/:id’, :controller => ‘mycontroller’

but i would like to figure out why this is happening in the first
place. some searching around, i found a few people with the same
problem but there weren’t any responses as to what could be the cause.

anyone else has this problem with the default routes not working? here
is the versions of everything that i am using:

ruby 1.8.4
rails 1.2.3
gem 0.9.2
rake 0.7.2

I finally found something:

Apparently it has something to do with the fact that I have my app
symlinked to a folder that’s not the root. as suggested in that link,
adding realpath() to RAILS_ROOT in the boot.rb seems to have fixed my

Anyone know if this is going to be fixed in a future version?