Routing problem?

Hi everyone,

Please have patience with me if this is a stupid question, but I’m new
to Ruby and very new to RoR. Basically, I have created a simple
scaffold for recipes.

It worked just fine on my local computer, I uploaded it to my server,
did a database migration - everything transferred great. The problem
comes when trying to link to any pages other than index.

The only thing I have changed in my routes.rb file is that I added
this line:

map.root :controller => “recipes”

So if you go to:
It loads the index page from the controller.

But the ‘new recipe’ link that was created through the scaffold no
longer works… How do I go about fixing this? It looks like it’s
trying to load /~alisah/cookbook/recipes/new so I tried /~alisah/
cookbook/new and that doesn’t work either.

Also, when I comment out the map.root line in the routes.rb file,
going to this link doesn’t work at all:

I thought that routes.rb was supposed to resolve requests like that
through the default routes of map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’?

Keep in mind that all of this worked great on my local computer! The
server is running Apache2, Passenger, and Rails 2.1.2.

I have searched and searched and not been able to find anything about
this. Someone please help!


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