Routing problem?

I have a form and always seem to be sent to the wrong controller-

Can anyone help me with this pastie (controller-, view- and routing-
code present in pastie)?


Javier_CH wrote:

My guess (and that’s all it is, a guess) is that you’ve got another
route that’s conflicting somehow with this one. There’s two things I
would check next. 1) When viewing the form in the browser, have the
browser show you the HTML source of the page and confirm that the path
is set to what you think it should be. 2) check your development log
right after submitting the form and check what the incoming params hash
is set to for clues.


I used the following line to open the form (forgot :url =>…) and now
it works:

<% form_for(@my_user, :url =>
update_email_user_path(, :html => {:method => :put }) do |
f| -%>