Routing/File Upload/Put vs. Post puzzle

I think I am doing something simply boneheaded but I don’t see it. I
hope you are willing to take a look:

I am simply wanting to upload a file and hand the file in my controller
to some code that will process it. It is not getting stored.

The UI is a “maintain” page with a file entry field in a form, and a
button to import the file and some other maintenance tasks which are not
relevant right now.

Here are snippets:


map.maintain ‘/maintain/import_file’, :controller => ‘maintain’,
:action => ‘import_file’, :conditions => { :method => :put }
map.maintain ‘/maintain/export_file’, :controller => ‘maintain’,
:action => ‘export_file’, :conditions => { :method => :put }
map.maintain ‘/maintain/:action’, :controller => ‘maintain’

notes: I know this is too verbose, it’s been my attempt to trouble
shoot. I don’t believe this should be a resource route given that its a
maintenance page. But I could be wrong about that.


What would you like to maintain?

  • Import for bulk Election load

    <% form_tag :action => 'import_file', :method => 'put', :multipart => true do %> <%= file_field_tag "importFile", :accept => "text/xml" %>
    Import as: <%= submit_tag "XML file" %> <%= submit_tag "YML file" %> <% end %>

  • notes: There are two buttons in this form, one to import it from an XML
    file and one from a YML file. Is that somehow making it sick?


    def import_file
    if params[:importFile].nil?
    flash[:error] = “Yes: Import failed because file was not
    redirect_to :back
    […] snip

    Notes: when I break here, params[:importFile] is a text string with the
    file name, NOT a File:: object. Also the url looks like this:
    which is not what I expected.

    Thanks for spending a few minutes with me on this, if possible!!

    Pito S.