Routing fails for files under public without file extensions


Rails 1.1.2
Windows XP Pro
Ruby 1.8.4

I have a scenario where my app. needs to request files from my public
directory. The app. writes certain files into my public directory and
depending on circumstances, these files may or may not have file

I am unable to successfully retrieve an image file (a GIF) from anywhere
in my public directory unless the file ends with ..
So, if my file is named


I get a “Recognition failed for …” exception if I attempt to request
it directly.

However, if I add an extension onto it, then it can be retrieved.

Doesn’t matter where the file is - could be directly under public or
several directories below.

Here’s my routes.rb file:

map.connect ‘’, :controller => “eSimply”
map.connect ‘target_lists/update/:action/:id/:data’, :controller =>
“listManagement”, :data => nil
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/*filename’

I don’t see any problems with my routes file.

Can anyone verify that there is an issue with serving files that lack

I can create a brand new text file of name “file_name_without_extension”
and put some text in it directly underneath “public” and it will not be